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How do I add a notification?

Published on Dec 04, 2018

Streamcord's notifications are a pretty handy feature that let you know when a streamer has gone live. You can easily customize the message sent when said user goes live.

Example of a notification with a custom message

Adding the notification (Website Based/Dashboard)

Notifications can be set up using the dashboard. Head over to > Server Options > Choose the server of your choice > Add a notification. Simply fill in the details and you will be good to go!

Streamcord also offers a wide range of customizability for the notifications and can be setup based on your preference.


Adding the notification (Command Based)

Alternatively, you can add notifications in Discord using commands.

It's as easy as typing !twitch notif add #discord_channel streamer_name. Replace #discord_channel with the actual name of the channel you want to put the notification in. Instead of streamer_name, type the Twitch name of your streamer.

To add a notification with a custom message, simply append the message you want to the !twitch notif add command after you've entered the other details.


If you prefer to do things in a more spacious way, you can also just type !twitch notif add without any extra arguments. Streamcord will ask you if you want to leave a custom message. You can just type the message in chat and it will show up the same way in the notification.


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