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What is Live Role and how do I set it up?

Published on Nov 27, 2018

What is live role?

Live Role is a configurable role that Streamcord will hand out to users who have the Streaming status.

Note: Streamcord cannot tell what Twitch account the user is streaming to; this feature is strictly Discord-based. Users who haven't set up their Discord account to show streaming status will not receive the role when they go live.

How do I set it up?

The command to set up Live Role is !twitch live_role set. Add a role @mention or name to the end of the command to tell Streamcord which role you want to set up.

If you ever want to delete the server's Live Role, you can type !twitch live_role delete to remove the configuration.

Common issues

Ensure that Streamcord has the Manage Roles permission and that the role named Streamcord (or TwitchBot) is above the Live Role you have set up.

Retry the !twitch live_role set command and enter the exact, case-sensitive role name.

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