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What data do we collect from users?

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Streamcord relies on data from its users (aka you!) to run properly. This article will give you a run-down on what data we collect from you.

What we collect

Anonymous metrics, such as:

Data you directly provide to the bot:

Data you have provided to Discord:

Data you provide when using the dashboard:

Other data:

We do not collect information about how you specifically use Streamcord or its related services.

How is information processed and stored?

Your personally identifiable data never leaves our server. It will be stored in a private, secured database where it can only be accessed by a first-party.

How can I view the data that Streamcord has collected?

If you would like to view all of the information that our services have collected about your user account, please email [email protected]. You may be asked to provide proof that you own the requested Discord account.

How can I delete the data that Streamcord has collected?

To delete any Streamcord-related data that you may have given us, please open a support ticket in our Discord server and inform the staff team that you would like your data deleted.

What happens after my data is deleted?

Your Discord user ID will be added to an internal blacklist that will prevent Streamcord from letting you use its commands. Streamcord requires access to some data for the commands to work properly.

If you have any other questions or concerns about collected data, please open a support ticket in our Discord server.

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