Using variables with streamer notifications

Using variables with streamer notifications

Add dynamic text to your notification messages.

Created 5 months ago

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Notification variables allow you to insert special text into your announcement messages, such as the current streamer's title, game, and viewer count.

Webhooks v2 notifications have reverse-compatibility with the legacy variable syntax, and legacy notifications have forwards-compatibility with the webhooks variable syntax.

Variable names

  • {stream.title} - The stream's title

  • {stream.viewers} - The amount of people watching the stream

  • {} - Game that is being played by the streamer

  • {user.twitch_url} - The URL of the streamer

  • {user.twitch_name} or {} - The Twitch name of the streamer

  • {everyone} - Inserts an @everyone mention

  • {here} - Inserts an @here mention

Why were the variable names changed?

When we created the (now-deprecated) Webhooks v1 notification system, we ran into a limitation where dollar signs ($) would not be properly detected by regular expressions in TypeScript. As a workaround, we made this syntax.

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