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Webhooks v2 notifications FAQ

Webhooks v2 notifications FAQ

Get the basics on how Streamcord's new Webhooks v2 notifications system works.

Created 9 months ago

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Webhooks v2 are the continuation of the beta (Webhooks v1) notification system. The 2nd version improves upon the original webhook notifications in several ways, and is more optimized to handle production-grade loads.

We are currently testing Webhooks v2 notifications via an opt-in when adding a notification on the dashboard.

As of now, we are only testing this new system with a limited number of slots, so you may not have the ability to add a Webhooks v2 notification if all of the available slots have been taken.

How do I add a Webhooks v2 notification?

Start on your server's dashboard page.

  1. Click the 'Add a notification' button.

  2. Expand the 'More customization options' section on the popup.

  3. Check the 'Use Webhooks v2 subsystem' box.

  4. Fill in the rest of your notification details.

Which variables do I use?

Webhooks v2 supports both types of variables: webhooks and legacy.

Webhooks variable syntax

Legacy variable syntax

Can I add these notifications using commands?

No. You can only add Webhooks v2 notifications with the dashboard.

In the future, we will add the ability to create Webhooks v2 notifications using the !twitch notif add command.

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