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Fix permissions for your notifications

Fix permissions for your notifications

Fix "403 FORBIDDEN (error code: 50001): Missing Access" and stop notifications from getting deleted.

Created 9 months ago

Tags: webhooksdashboard403error50001permissions

Note: All legacy notifications created before July 24th, 2020 were deleted due to an internal database failure. If your notifications were created before then, they have likely not been affected by a permissions misconfiguration.

What does this error mean?

The Missing Access webhooks error is a result of improperly configured permissions for Streamcord in your server. If you're using legacy notifications, the notification will be automatically deleted from our systems as an anti-spam measure.

How do I fix it?

Give Streamcord the following permissions for your notifications channel:

  • Read Messages

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Read Message History

  • Mention Everyone

  • Use External Emojis

You can modify the role called Streamcord / TwitchBot, or you can change the bot account's permissions.

Extra step for Pro users with Webhooks v1 notifications

Pro users that still have Webhooks v1 notifications set up in their server will need to grant these permissions to the public bot, not the Pro bot; as Webhooks v1 did not have support for the Pro bot.

To verify that Streamcord has the correct permissions, you can run a command such as !twitch help in your notification channel.

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