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How to set up Live Role

How to set up Live Role

Configure Streamcord to automatically add a role to members in your server when they go live.

Created 9 months ago

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Note: Live role is disabled due to an issue with Discord. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This guide will walk you through on how to set up Live Role with streamcord.

Method 1: Configuring Live Role with the dashboard

  1. Head to

  2. Click on your server's name. If you don't see your server, check that you have the Manage Server permission and are logged in with the correct Discord account.

  3. Go to the "Live role" tab.

  4. Under the "Live role" dropdown box, choose the role that you want members to be given when they go live.

  5. Optional: Select a filter role by choosing a role from the "Filter role" dropdown box. The filter role acts as a whitelist. If enabled, only people who have the filter role will be able to receive the live role.

    Note: Do not set the live role and the filter role to the same role.

  6. Click "Update settings".

Setting up Live Role Notifications

You can also configure Streamcord to send a message in a designated channel when anyone receives the live role. Live Role Notifications also respect the filter role if one is set.

Note: Streamcord will only send notifications for members in your server who have connected their Twitch account to Discord. Live role notifications are not the same as adding a regular streamer notification.

  1. Under the "Live role" tab of your server's dashboard page, scroll down to the "Live role notifications" section.

  2. Check the "Enable live role notifications" box.

  3. Select the text channel that you want Streamcord to send notification messages in.

  4. Type out a message template that Streamcord should use for notification messages.

  5. Click the "Update Settings" button.

Method 2: Configuring Live Role through commands

You can also update your server's Live Role settings by using the !twitch live_role set command.

The live_role set command requires a role to be mentioned. You can run the command like so:

Optional: You can also set a filter role by using the !twitch live_role filter command.

Note: Do not set the live role and the filter role to the same role.

Unfortunately, you can't turn on Live Role Notifications by using commands. You'll have to use the dashboard in order to turn them on.

Common Issues

  • Streamcord doesn't add the live role to people

    Make sure that Streamcord has the Manage Roles permission, and the Streamcord role is at the top of your server's role list. Alternatively, you can give Streamcord the Administrator permission.

  • Streamcord can't find my role when using the live_role set command

    Enter the exact, case-sensitive name of the role, or ping the role directly. If it still doesn't work, use the dashboard for live role setup.

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